Saturday, July 18, 2015

You know what they say when...

You know what they say when a POTSY goes off the radar right? Most likely in the hospital. That was the case for me. After some med changes and many testing I'm at least glad to be back home in my bed.

I am very amazed that even though typical test used to show dehydration failed to show it. An echo showed the structure of my heart was off during its beat and it indicated dehydration. Considering I had just had 3 full bags of fluids before the test was even done. So of course I was given more IV fluids, meds to help my body to retain the fluid and last but not least more med changes to what I already have.

I think this brings up an important fact. When on heart meds, typical bp methods used to determine dehydration are not a valid form. Nor do I think any POTS person can really be tested this way due to our body's inability to really know how to control our blood flow. I know there are probably no doctors following me or reading this post but there is hope that this could help a POTSy person by knowing this as an issue for me. Remember we all must be our own patient advocate.

I do want to say Ohio State University Medical Center's Ross team was amazing. Although they wanted to keep me long they still understood that I couldn't get better being somewhere I couldn't get proper rest and made sure I had followup test and IV fluid appts for this coming week. The whole hospital was wonderful. I'm glad they were knowledgeable and close by since driving up to Toledo wasn't an option. Dr. Grubb is a great doctor just a very long drive in a situation that wasn't idea to be traveling under.

If anybody has any questions in which I can help, please ask. I'm more than willing to share my experience because so little doctors know about this and so little is taught to them if they do know it.

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