Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry that I'm late..

I know that I had promised a few people I would try to post in the last day or two. I obviously didn't get the chance because I had to go have needles stabbed into me. Really. Since my POTS has been hell lately we decided to do some IV fluid therapy. It's almost always works for me. I can safely say this time it did not.

Mentally my brain function is zero. I'm exhausted. And too tired to walk or anything. Not good for a lady who spends the days home alone while her husband and kids are out for their daily duties. So in the meantime I will pretend to be talking to people on here. Aren't you lucky!!!

Again I am also open to answering questions. You can post them here or email me. I should probably get an email address for this blog.... let me do that right quick!

I will of course answer them on here unless you want me to not do so. If I do answer it, give me a name to list the author by. Otherwise it will be just listed by your first name.

Well time to go work on yet another informative post about POTS. I'll try to work on that symptoms post.

See ya soon!
Kris :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The view from down here..

In the past week I manage to come down with something. Who knows if it was anything or just the illness(POTS)having yet more control in my life. Either way there were at least 3 days that I pretty much slept non-stop in the past week. It seems the fatigue is winning the battle.

This all feel at a really bad time. I was suppose to go for a trip to Toledo. Up there is one of the best doctors for dealing with this syndrome. The man is Dr. Grubb. If you Google his name you'll find lots of studies that mention him. So now my trip is rescheduled for the end of February. I was really sad when they first mention that they didn't have an opening until April.

So now we are caught up to today. Today has been well.. spent in bed. I'm exhausted. I have absolutely no idea how I'll make it to town tomorrow for the last of my cardiac rehab. This was prescribed as a way to help with the POTS. I laugh at this because I agree at first it probably was helping. However, now that it's harder and they push more, I feel this might be causing a bit of a set back as well.

So tomorrow I will work on doing some educational post. I am also not proof reading this tonight. If you have POTS you know how mental clarity is not a strong suite of ours. Feel free to ask any questions. I'll also try to make up my "symptom" list and some of the things that I've tried so far.

Visit again soon!

Help I've fallen and I can't get up!

Hi, Allow me to introduce myself! You can call me Kris, since all my friends do and well I hope we could call each other friends since I'm about to share my life to you.

Let's rewind to this time last year. I was laying on the floor in my bathroom and unconscious. I woke up not aware of my surroundings. The feeling that I experienced when I woke up was one like I had never felt before. I imagined it was a seizure, mainly because of the desire to want to sleep and the accident that had happen, but was it? I manage to compose myself enough to clean myself up and hit redial to call my husband who then rushed home to rush me to the local emergency room.

I pretty much did nothing but sleep at this point. I was drained of any energy that I had within me. The emergency room was something I remember very little of because of my exhaustion. I do know that they removed any clothing that I had on and had me hooked up to so many machines. Not to mention the endless list of blood work and testing they performed. They were sure that I had a seizure due to the fact that I had a high prolactin level. I was then admitted and that began one of many visits and stays in the hospital since.

Nobody knew what was wrong with me. Months before I had complained multiple times to doctors about dizziness. I also started to notice how standing in the shower wore me out due to an increased heart rate. Being that I had just had a life altering surgery about 8 months before this all started to go south and fast, I just contributed it this and went on about my way. Oh and that surgery was gastric bypass surgery and it wasn't a seizure! It was a tremor triggered by my heart as it tried to return blood to my heart and brain.

Between and during the multiple visits I researched and found out that I had postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. This mad and crazy long syndrome shall now be known as POTS in my blog. I was diagnosed with it after I convinced my family doctor and a specialist to test me for this. Bingo!

So this is my journey and my story. It's going to be a roller coaster of madness that I hope helps someone along the way as well as spreading awareness. Here we go...