Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not your typical artist.

I’m always saying how with having a chronic illness, like POTS, EDS, or any other ones that might exist, just how important it is to have hobbies to help keep your mind off of it. 

I started getting back into scrapbooking.  Only thing that sucks is that I’ve had to buy all brand new stuff because I had pretty much cleared out my stash.  So I’m slowly rebuilding.   I wanted to post some of the things I’ve worked on lately.



Crafts 002 


These two pictures are of a tag that I recently made to send to a friend.


Crafts 001


This is a mini scrapbook that I made for my mother on Mother’s day. The first one is just the card that went with it.  :)

May 2010 017 May 2010 001 May 2010 002 May 2010 003 May 2010 004 May 2010 005 May 2010 006 May 2010 007 May 2010 008 May 2010 009 May 2010 010 May 2010 011 I made the red flower!May 2010 012 May 2010 013 May 2010 014 May 2010 015 May 2010 016


And this last picture is another tag that I made for another friend. 

May 2010 022 May 2010 020


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Thursday, May 6, 2010