Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Do you remember where I left my brain at?

I had every intention of getting on here and blogging about something important that I had learned and then it struck. I took a nap and woke up and couldn't remember a thing I had planned on posting about. So I will try to do that tomorrow. In the meantime, this gives me a chance to bring up brain fog.

What's brain fog you ask? It's that inability to remember things or where it's hard to concentrate. Many POTS/Zebras have it but it's a great term that describes it. Thing is there is really no way to make it better. My doctor currently gives me Adderall to help with it and to help with the fatigue. Unlike millions of college students that abuse it, I hate the medication. The jitters and anxiety it causes me when I first start taking it again (I'm bad about taking it daily) drives me insane.

So when I get a chance to post tomorrow I'll try to remember what I was going to post. What's really annoying about brain fog is I'm also trying to write a short story book for teenagers and it gets going really well then I forget where I was going with it. Oy!

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