Monday, August 24, 2015

Tore up from the floor up.

Warning this post is a bit on the venting side. I am also very sure many of us feel the same way about what I'm about to talk about. When I first became sick I was diagnosed and tested by Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. I went that route because the University of Toledo, where Dr. Grubb practices, has a very long wait time for your first appointment. I believe my wait time was quoted as being a year. It dropped down to 6 months once I had the testing done that gave me the diagnosis of POTS.

As you may or may not remember, last month I was in the hospital at Ohio State University. I never that knew anybody else knew anything about POTS within a 2 hr driving period of my home until that episode. Toledo is 5 hours from my house. I know you are thinking, "Where is she going with this?" Well OSU decided not only do I need my current doctor but also a neurologist. I went to the neuro they suggested and was so annoyed. All he did is want to run test on me. As a matter of fact most of them are test that I had done at C.C. And no matter how many times I told him this he insisted I needed them repeated.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to have an EMG test. I'm actually in the process of rescheduling that test. Why? I already know I'm tore up from the floor up. I've had these test. Do the other test that you think I need to do, Mr. Doctor. So now I'm going to be the responsible patient and get Cleveland Clinic to send me all of my test results that I've had. This way I can sit down with this doctor and say look this is what we know.... you can now do everything else.

We as patients know we are broken. We are trying to find the answers too. We want to know the answers so badly it really hurts. What we don't want is to physically hurt more. So if you're a doctor or a patient reading this please do me this one thing. DON'T PUT US IN ANYMORE PAIN THAN WE ARE ALREADY IN.

And on that note I will end this blog post and say that I hope you're feeling well. I hope you're having a much better and a painless day. Thanks. :)

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