Thursday, August 20, 2015

Not so comfy with my blanket.

Hey guys! Sorry I've not had a chance to catch up with everyone but I promise I'll make it more of a priority. I currently have a high school teenager that is involved in every activity under the son. I also have a son on the autism spectrum so they both keep me very busy. While driving home today I decided I wanted to talk about the comfort blanket.

What is the comfort blanket you ask? Keep in mind this is just my answer and term but it is anybody we cling to when we aren't feeling well. That one person who just seems to make the world a better place. My husband is my comfort blanket. Probably because for the most part, when I'm down he's the person who is there for me. If I'm stuck in bed all day, he is mom and dad to the whole house. I realize I'm very lucky to have this but there is a downside.

My comfort blanket needs to be appreciated. I suck at showing that but I am very thankful for him and all that he does. Another thing is we have arguments a lot. To give an example of how bad they can be; this past week I jumped out of the car and decided that I was going to walk home. Right smack dab in the middle of the highway and twenty minutes from home. So after that whole thing I now feel I have no comfort blanket.

For me that is okay. I've always been very independent but what happens when I have my next big flare (which seems to be happening every other week)? I'm probably going to feel very lonely. And possibly a little scare.

So as I end this blog post think about who may be your comfort blanket. Is it your parents? maybe your spouse or gf/bf... It can even be an online support group. Whomever that person is please remember to thank them. Remember they feel our ups and downs so many times. They don't have to. I've seen people walk away because they just can't deal. If you're lucky enough to have that comfort blanket, tell them Thank you.

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