Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry that I'm late..

I know that I had promised a few people I would try to post in the last day or two. I obviously didn't get the chance because I had to go have needles stabbed into me. Really. Since my POTS has been hell lately we decided to do some IV fluid therapy. It's almost always works for me. I can safely say this time it did not.

Mentally my brain function is zero. I'm exhausted. And too tired to walk or anything. Not good for a lady who spends the days home alone while her husband and kids are out for their daily duties. So in the meantime I will pretend to be talking to people on here. Aren't you lucky!!!

Again I am also open to answering questions. You can post them here or email me. I should probably get an email address for this blog.... let me do that right quick!

I will of course answer them on here unless you want me to not do so. If I do answer it, give me a name to list the author by. Otherwise it will be just listed by your first name.

Well time to go work on yet another informative post about POTS. I'll try to work on that symptoms post.

See ya soon!
Kris :)

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