Sunday, January 24, 2010

Help I've fallen and I can't get up!

Hi, Allow me to introduce myself! You can call me Kris, since all my friends do and well I hope we could call each other friends since I'm about to share my life to you.

Let's rewind to this time last year. I was laying on the floor in my bathroom and unconscious. I woke up not aware of my surroundings. The feeling that I experienced when I woke up was one like I had never felt before. I imagined it was a seizure, mainly because of the desire to want to sleep and the accident that had happen, but was it? I manage to compose myself enough to clean myself up and hit redial to call my husband who then rushed home to rush me to the local emergency room.

I pretty much did nothing but sleep at this point. I was drained of any energy that I had within me. The emergency room was something I remember very little of because of my exhaustion. I do know that they removed any clothing that I had on and had me hooked up to so many machines. Not to mention the endless list of blood work and testing they performed. They were sure that I had a seizure due to the fact that I had a high prolactin level. I was then admitted and that began one of many visits and stays in the hospital since.

Nobody knew what was wrong with me. Months before I had complained multiple times to doctors about dizziness. I also started to notice how standing in the shower wore me out due to an increased heart rate. Being that I had just had a life altering surgery about 8 months before this all started to go south and fast, I just contributed it this and went on about my way. Oh and that surgery was gastric bypass surgery and it wasn't a seizure! It was a tremor triggered by my heart as it tried to return blood to my heart and brain.

Between and during the multiple visits I researched and found out that I had postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. This mad and crazy long syndrome shall now be known as POTS in my blog. I was diagnosed with it after I convinced my family doctor and a specialist to test me for this. Bingo!

So this is my journey and my story. It's going to be a roller coaster of madness that I hope helps someone along the way as well as spreading awareness. Here we go...

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