Thursday, July 15, 2010

While I was away I got something new

We all know how much POTs sucks.  In March I had an internal heart monitor put in.  I posted about it in a a previous blog entry.  Well it did its thing and showed that my heart stops a few times.  It was then recommended that I try this med that must be given to me via injections.  I hate needles.  I hate meds that require 2 to 3 times a day injections.   I manage to give MYSELF injections but the pain was just too much.  The med was called octreotide.  

Dr. Grubb was consulted right away about the pain and since we had little hope that I meds would help me anyways (I had gastric bypass surgery) we proceeded to go with a pacemaker.  I had said pacemaker put in on Tuesday.  I was sent home yesterday.  Words can’t explain the thoughts going through my mind right now.  I’m just praying that it helps.  I’m praying that someone else reads this blog and it helps them.   

This is now apart of me.


I’ll post more later. 

<3 Krista

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  1. Good luck with your pacemaker - POTS does suck.


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