Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where does time fly when you aren’t having fun?


Yeah it has been a while since I posted.  I know.  Sadly this past week we lost my husband’s grandmother.   This loss has made me do a lot of thinking and how I really need to at least get an updated will and make decisions on how I want my body to be treated after I’m gone.  Ok sorry to be depressing there for a moment. 

Let’s move onto something better.. I have an appt with Dr. Grubb tomorrow.  Apparently that 12000 dollar piece of equipment they put in has been sending data that he’s not happy with.  So I have an appt to see exactly what that is.  I’ll let you know when I know more.  Sadly due to the fact that my husband has been off for so long we won’t be staying in Toledo too long.   I really need a vacation.  Hey Disney!  Want to send a family of 4 to your resort for free? ;)  Great PR.  Mom has chronic illness.  You’d look like a saint! lol

Speaking of my children.  They are my world.  However,  they are on summer vacation.  It makes me miss “me” time.  Sure call me a bad mom but sometimes mom needs some peace and quiet.   Sadly while I was in the hospital a couple weeks ago I missed them so much that I convinced my doctor to let me go home so I could hear their wildness. 

I’m very proud of Hunter.  Today marks his last baseball game.  He’s stuck through it all season and this is his first season of playing baseball.  I’ve seen a big improvement.  Enough that I know with lots of help he’ll be pretty good in the next year or two.  Plus during his last day of school he was the ONLY kid in 4th grade to receive special certificates for his achievements.  His teacher told me she’s never seen a kid with so many goals and stick to each of them.  He is really gifted.  I wish we had an actual “gifted” school nearby but I’m thankful that Northwest has a gifted class for him. 

May and June 2010 069

And onto my other sweetie.  Ian had a lot of problems reading at the beginning of his year.  This kid now picks up books and reads almost anything.  He reads words I had no clue he could.  He’s also not hard to get to read.  His brother hates to read.  Plus he’s still enjoying cub scouts and just got signed up for tag football.  I think he’ll do great!

Zoo  111

So that’s all I’m going to post for now.  I am going to start posting more.  If anything about my craft projects in between the important stuff.  Crafts seriously save my sanity.  :)

Until next time, Krista

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