Monday, April 19, 2010

Is April really that close to being over?

It seems like just yesterday I was getting my internal heart monitor put in.  Its still there.  I don’t know if it has picked up anything but I do know it sends lots of information based upon the time it takes to transmit.  So we shall see.

This month has been a month of very little energy.  I filed for disability and I still have to get them some paperwork before they can process it.  I do expect to be denied.  I do expect to get a lawyer.  I do expect that I WILL NOT give up until I get it.  I simply can’t work.  I can’t even last an hour out of bed most of the time.  Its hard for me to accept but it is what it is.

About a week ago I did manage to pull myself outside to take some pictures of the sunset.  I hope you enjoy them.


april 2019 117

Oh yeah I forgot!  I got to deal with my first bought of low blood sugar post gastric by-pass surgery.   I hate this!

april 2019 124 

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